“Women never bought Freud’s idea of penis envy:
who would want a shotgun when you can have
a semiautomatic?”

Natalie Angier


An explosive documentary film on a socially and medically taboo subject.  

Seen in an original light, it presents the politics and enormous intrigue surrounding the female appendix the Greeks called Kleitoris, meaning ‘little hill’. The true history of the clitoris is told with humour, compassion and beauty.  

Featuring activists, scientists and artists whose passionate work has a remarkable impact  on all women.   

Sophia Wallace, a New York artist with her CLITERACY 100 Natural Laws. A mixed media project exploring the paradox of our global obsession with sexualizing female bodies, in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female anatomy and sexuality.

This original exploration takes viewers on a fascinating journey – spanning time and continents.

It uncovers the most important female sexual organ and issues ignored in the world today.